Integrated Energy & Power Solutions Canada Ltd.

The Kitsim Hydrogen (H2) Project

The Kitsim Hydrogen (H2) Project, Alberta’s first green hydrogen production facility.

IESP Canada Ltd. is proposing to build the Kitsim H2 Project, using electrolysis to convert water (H2O) into very low carbon intensity (“green”) hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

The Kitsim H2 Project is specifically designed to meet the environmental needs of Alberta’s fertilizer, refining and petrochemical industries, which annually use 2.4 million tonnes of H2 feedstock. This H2 feedstock is manufactured almost entirely from hydrocarbons, primarily natural gas. Under pressure to both reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and  “decarbonize” their operations, access to incremental supplies of water sourced green H2 will materially help these important Alberta industries continue to meet government and investor expectations.

Other markets for green H2 and O2 that are expected to eventually be served by the Project include a wide range of Alberta communities hoping to improve their environmental performance in a truly meaningful way and hundreds of Alberta oil & gas companies that are also intent on addressing the same investor expectations and incrementally replacing a portion of the hydrocarbons used in their own operations.