Why Alberta

Alberta, already a world class energy hub, offers several unique features that make electrolytically generated green H2 economically attractive. These include:

  • A Competitive Electrical Power Market

    Alberta’s unique power generation market produces large amounts of renewable power which can be purchased at competitive prices.

  • A Robust Green H2 Market

    Alberta already has a large industrial base that relies on H2 feedstock and demand by markets for greener product lines and transportation fuels is growing.

  • Strong Regulatory Drivers to Reduce CO2 Emissions

    Alberta was Canada’s first Province to tax carbon and its air quality regulations continue to strongly motivate companies to reduce their CO2 emissions.

  • A Mature Gas Storage and Transmission System

    As one of North America’s preeminent suppliers of natural gas Alberta enjoys a fully developed intra and interprovincial system for the storage and pipelining of natural gas.

  • A Proven Gas Marketing System

    Alberta already has in place an extensive system for marketing a range of hydrocarbon products such as methane, propane etc. that will be highly amenable for the marketing of H2 as well.


Credit: university of central florida