Why Alberta

Alberta, already a world class energy hub, offers several unique features that make electrolytically generated green H2 economically attractive. These include:

  • A Competitive Electrical Power Market

    Alberta’s unique power generation market produces large amounts of renewable power which can be purchased at competitive prices.

  • A Robust Green H2 Market

    Alberta already has a large industrial base that relies on H2 feedstock and that has already announced an intention to move to green H2. Furthermore demand by markets for greener product lines and transportation fuels is growing.

  • Strong Regulatory Drivers to Reduce CO2 Emissions

    Alberta was Canada’s first Province to tax carbon and its air quality regulations continue to strongly motivate companies to reduce their CO2 emissions.

  • A Mature Gas Storage and Transmission System

    As one of North America’s preeminent suppliers of natural gas Alberta enjoys a fully developed intra and interprovincial gas storage and pipelining system.

  • A Proven Gas Marketing System

    Alberta already has in place an extensive system for marketing a range of hydrocarbon products that will be highly amenable for the marketing of H2 as well.


Credit: university of central florida