The IEPS Team

Our Team

Greg Baden


Greg leads the IEPS team and for the Kitsim H2 Project his most important role is to ensure that the project fully meets the needs of customers and investors for the economic production and delivery of green H2 to market. In accomplishing this critical role, Greg brings to the project over 40 years of professional business development experience focused on the marketing and trading of both gas and electricity. An expert in all of the financial aspects of the project, Greg is directly responsible for the cost-effective procurement of secure power and water supplies for the project; the negotiation of the required contracts with power, gas and water transmission providers; and the marketing of the resulting green H2 to its customers.

Frank Bajc

VP Operations

Frank leads IEPS’s technical design and engineering team. Frank is responsible for ensuring that the Kitsim H2 Project is safe, economic and operationally sound and delivers the highest quality product to its customers. Frank brings to his critical project role almost 40 years of relevant experience in process engineering and project management. His experience in the negotiation and management of supply contracts with major equipment vendors will ensure the project meets all technical and economic specifications. At the same time, Frank’s experience in the management of all of the key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) components of an incredibly diverse range of energy projects will be invaluable to the project’s success.

Brian Bietz

VP Corporate Development

Brian is responsible for delivering the approvals that must be received in order for the Kitsim H2 Project to proceed, for ensuring the Project remains aligned with government policy goals and objectives and for effective engagement with its numerous stakeholders. Brian brings to this role over 40 years of senior involvement in all aspects of the Alberta approval process for energy projects. This includes the design and development of numerous successful regulatory applications and the review of even more as one of Alberta’s most senior regulators. His strong technical background in the environmental sciences coupled with decades of experience with successful stakeholder engagement programs will ensure the Kitsim H2 Project meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and moves seamlessly through the Alberta approval process.