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The Kitsim H2 Project has been designed to meet the growing demand for net-zero H2 both locally and globally.

Key local target markets are Alberta’s refining, fertilizer and petrochemical industries.

Net-zero H2 from the Project will allow these important industries to replace their current hydrocarbon-sourced H2 feedstocks with water-sourced H2, thereby avoiding the large volumes of GHG (CO2) emissions associated with H2 produced using natural gas.

The availability of commercial quantities of net-zero H2 will also help these companies address growing investor pressure to “decarbonize” their operations. For example, see https://www.blackrock.com/corporate/investor-relations/blackrock-client-letter.

Other local markets for net-zero H2 that are expected to be served by the Project include:

  • Alberta communities hoping to improve their environmental performance in a meaningful way by adding net-zero H2 to their existing natural gas services; and
  • Alberta oil & gas companies that are also intent on addressing the same investor expectations for de-carbonization of their own operations.

Globally, international demand for both “green ammonia” and “green methanol”, primarily as very low carbon fuels, is growing rapidly.

The use of net-zero H2 to make these low emission fuels significantly reduces their associated Scope 1 GHG emissions and IEPS intends to help meet this important demand.

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