Ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and the public is IEPS’s highest priority!

Hydrogen, like all other fuels, has some degree of risk associated with its production, storage and transportation and must be managed with care. To address these risks IEPS has put in place a corporate health and safety policy designed to protect our employees, contractors and the public.

IEPS Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) Policy

IEPS Canada Ltd.
To all employees January 1, 2022

The safety and health of our employees, contractors and members of the public comes first. Management is committed to doing everything possible to prevent injuries, to promote accident prevention, and to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

To this end:

  1. all supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their workers are trained in approved safe work procedures and to ensure that workers follow safe work procedures and all related regulations;
  2. all personnel are required to support the OH&S program and make safety and health a part of their daily routine and to ensure that they are following safe work procedures and relevant regulations;
  3. all personnel will be held accountable for implementing this program; and
  4. all new relevant laws and regulations will continue to be incorporated immediately into our programs as minimum standards