Water Supply and Storage

Water supply for the Project will be provided from the Bow River under a long-term licence. The annual water demand for the initial Project phase will be approximately 35,000 m3 (28 AcFt). At full 450 MW production rates, the total Project water consumption will increase to 880,000 m3 (713 AcFt) annually.

IEPS is proposing to use the existing Eastern Irrigation District (“EID”) system for water conveyance, under contract with the EID, significantly reducing capital costs and environmental impacts. A detailed map of the EID’s irrigation system, including the proposed diversion point (i.e. Bassano Dam) and the associated conveyance system (i.e. the EID Main, East Branch and Kitsim Feeder canals) can be found at https://gis.eid.ca/maps/irma.html

Water Storage

IEPS also hopes to contract to use the EID owned and operated Kitsim Reservoir to meet the project’s water storage needs. The projected water demand even at projected production rates of 50,000 tonnes per year would be only a small percentage of the reservoir’s firm live storage capacity. This will help to ensure that electrolyzer operations can continue during even significantly drier than normal years. At the same time, the use of an already existing reservoir will also significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the Project.


Credit: Travel Alberta