Why Electrolysis

Electrolyzers are a proven technology, operationally flexible and the resulting H2 can be incorporated into an existing H2 feedstock supply chain with no or minimal retrofit. The modular nature of electrolyzers also makes matching H2 demand to H2 supply simple to accomplish, either remotely or on site. Due to ongoing improvements in efficiencies, electrolyzer economics are also increasingly positive. And while electrolyzers can operate on any source of electrical power the use of renewable power results, on a life-cycle basis, in the production of “zero carbon” H2.

At the same time by converting renewable electric power into readily storable green H2, electrolysis can also significantly enhance the environmental and economic value of Alberta’s renewable power industry. Alberta has made significant investment into renewable power generation and has massive future potential. However, without storage, aligning power supply with demand is difficult, reducing price and as a result growth in the industry. At up to 80% energy conversion efficiency, transforming renewable electrical energy into H2 achieves that critical energy storage goal.


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Source: Siemens