Why Alberta

Kitsim Hydrogen (H2) Project Overview

The Kitsim H2 Project is planned to be located southwest of Brooks, Alberta, Canada. The selected site is central to several major markets and has easy access to water, electricity, and transportation infrastructure.

The Project will be built in four phases, taking advantage of the scalability of electrolysers, and at full build out in 2030 will produce approximately 50,000 tonnes of net-zero H2 and 400,000 tonnes of O2 annually. The first Phase, once operational in 2024, will produce approximately 2,100 tonnes of net-zero H2 annually.

The 99.9% pure net-zero H2 will be compressed and shipped, initially by truck and eventually by either pipeline or rail, to southern Alberta’s nearby and rapidly growing industrial and municipal H2 markets.

Water and electricity are the two basic feedstocks for the electrolysis process and a secure water supply is critical to the economic success of the project. Water supply security has been fully addressed through having a fixed price water supply contract already in place for more than sufficient water to meet full Project water demand.

Effectively managing the cost of electricity is also a key factor in producing competitively priced net-zero H2. Alberta’s hourly electricity market will allow IEPS to procure sufficient electricity at the prices necessary to meet its annual production and price targets (https://www.aeso.ca/market/understanding-the-market/).

About the Kitsim Project
Credit: Pixabay