Hydrogen Production Rates

The Project is currently expected to be developed in multiple phases designed to accommodate a range of market growth rates and customer needs.

The initial phase will produce approximately 2,100 tonnes of H2 annually while each subsequent phase is currently planned to produce just over 16,000 tonnes of green H2 per year for total production rate of approximately 51,00 tonnes annually at full build out.

The initial 2,100 tonne phase is large enough to allow IEPS to take advantage of current electrolyzer economies of scale while small enough to allow customers to identify and optimize any internal changes necessary to add green H2 to their feedstocks. A phased approach to future development also allows the Project to take full advantage of anticipated upcoming technology and cost improvements. Since electrolyzer technologies are inherently scalable, actual project growth rates will eventually be established based on specific customer needs since IEPS intends to optimize future production rates to meet customer demands.


Siemens Silyzer 300 Credit: Siemens